Vital Tea – Seattle, WA

September 9, 2011

Last month, Chris and I took our first trip to Seattle, WA. We did all the touristy things you can think of – visiting the space needle, going to the Music Experience Project, Pacific Science Center, Aquarium, Bay boat ride, first ever Starbucks, Pike’s Place, etc, etc. And of course, Seattle is known for its coffee and increasingly gaining popularity for its tea establishments, so we had to try both. For my tea choice, went to Vital Tea near Pike’s Place (they have multiple stores). It has a very similar feel to Aroma Tea (in San Francisco). They give free tea tastings and have a very inviting area to sit and taste. The Asian ladies there are the sweetest and invite you to taste from their hundreds of tea barrels placed on their shelves.

When I arrived, I knew exactly what I wanted to try: Milk Oolong Green Tea. This was my favorite tea from Aroma, that I ran out of months back. A green tea that surprisingly DOES taste milky – great for an afternoon coffee replacement. When I made my first cup, it’s amazing to see how wide the leaves unfold and how green (fresh) the leaves are. ¬†However, there is a cost for such beauty and taste – 4oz cost me $40 bucks.

It’s definitely worth it to me – It’s my daily tea.

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