My Telepathic French Friends – Ode #2 to Mariage Freres

June 4, 2011

Speaking of Mariage Freres – my visiting French friends must have read my mind, because upon their arrival yesterday they presented me with a gift that truly rocked my world.

They said they didn’t know what to get me, but they knew I liked tea, so they stopped by the Mariage Freres Tea Shop in Paris and picked me up a selection of teas. I was not only taken aback that they bought me Mariage Freres teas (that they knew my newfound love for this brand), but also how impeccable the packaging/wrapping was of the tea itself. It’s like the Apple package design of teas. But then I think, what else should I expect from the most exquisite French tea shop in the world?!

It was so special to me, I didn’t even want to open the package  – as I knew I would never have that moment of glorified wrapping back. So I decided to take a picture of each phase of the unwrapping process (my friends and brother were cheering me on each step of the way… or rather nudging me to hurry the hell up).

Step 1: Flawless Wrapping

Step 2: Protective Sleeve - simply a "French" touch 🙂

Step 3.1: Beautiful Box

Step 3.2: Beautiful Box

Step 4: The Treasure - French Breakfast Tea, The 'A L'Opera, & Nil Rouge

Treasure Contents: 

French Breakfast (remember, my work favorite!): “Elegant & refined full bodied Blend”

The ‘A L’Opera:” Green Tea with a taste of red fruits & vanilla”

Nil Rouge: “Theine-free Red Tea, fruit and lemony”

I’m in heaven. I have literally taken my treasure box everywhere since I’ve unwrapped it. I brought it to work today just so I could admire it while sitting at my desk. Then I took it in my car on a 6 hour drive to LA. I just was able to brew a pot of The ‘A L’ Opera for my brother and our lovely French visitor, Mathieu. I LOVE IT – amazing combination of green and fruit that doesn’t strengthen the longer you steep. A great dessert tea.


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