Tea Review: Bentley’s Pyramid Bombay Chai

September 11, 2009

Pyramid Tea Bombai Chai Black

Bentley's Pyramid Tea Bombai Chai Black

I was in Ventura, CA last week with my best friend helping her with different errands. We went into Tuesday Mornings to get a few things and their tea rack caught my eye.  I saw a selection of Bentley’s teas and selected the Pyramid Tea: Bombay Chai Black. I had heard of Bentley’s before and quickly in-store did a Google search to find some reviews. All were pretty decent but none specifically reviewed the Bombay Chai. It was only $5.49 for a 16 tea sachets so I thought why not give it a try. Tea like this usually would cost $12- $15+ a tin.

Quick Description:

“Bentley’s Tea is proud to offer loose tea in pyramid silken sachets, the finest method of brewing a single cup of loose leaf. We only use premium estate grown tea, hand plucked using ancient methods that are thought to be the finest in the world…”


1 bag per cup/ water temp: 195 deg/ 3 min steeping time


Presentation: Very nice presentation to make a fantastic gift. The loose leaf is really surrounded by authentic silk which adds a really nice touch and acts as a great filter.

Content: The Bentley tin comes with sixteen silk sachets, however it seems there is roughly about a teaspoon of loose leaf in each one. For chai standards, this is definitely not sufficient – especially since the tea is not very strong (see “taste” below). You can definitely visibly see the ginger, cardamon and clove traces which is nice.

Taste: I’ve tried this tea 5 times this week and must say that the taste is pretty week. Even when steeping for 3 mins + the taste does not strengthen. I like my chai really black and then add cream. The taste always felt watered down and the cardamon/ginger flavor was supressed. I was trying to find the package date on the tin but was not able to find it – so I could get a better sense how fresh the leaves were. Given if it was in Tuesday Mornings – it probably was not that fresh.


I’d have to the Bentley’s Pyramid Bombay Chai a 2.5 stars out of 5. Despite the length of exposure of the tea leaves, the quantity of loose leaf within each sachet just does not seem substantial to make a strong cup of chai. I can’t imagine the watered down taste would improve that much had the ingredients been fresher. If you are paying full price for this, I think you’ll be disappointed.


2 Responses to “Tea Review: Bentley’s Pyramid Bombay Chai”

  1. CP said

    this design was done by my self and am happy to see this in here.
    this concept is totally done with myself in few years back.

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